model: Vesuvio

Charcoal tabletop barbecue with stainless steel/silicone barbecue tongs – Perfect for 3 - 4 people

◾Removable rechargeable (via USB cable) fan for fast ignition, adjustable temperature and up to 4 hours cooking time
◾Stainless steel grill measuring 33 cm in diameter offers space for enough food to feed three to four people.
◾Easily cleaned in the dishwasher
◾Flat design, standing only 18.5 cm tall, for easy handling when cooking on the table
◾Charcoal basket with a closed lid protects the charcoal from dripping fat for a smokeless, healthy barbecue experience
◾Dishwasher-proof stainless steel bowl collects fat
◾The double-walled design means the barbecue can be handled even during cooking
◾Practical exclusive carry bag so you can take the barbecue with you everywhere

Available colours: blue, red, white/cream, anthracite and green

Accessories: brush, vegetable plate, hood, pizza stone

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