CONCEPT: A healthier, cleaner and portable barbecue.

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A new barbecue experience: Seated at a table, everyone makes up their mind how they want their portion cooked – and without smoke getting into eyes.


Is there such a thing as a smokeless barbecue? Now there is! The Feuerdesign construction prevents oil and other liquids from coming into contact with the charcoal. This stops smoke developing and there are no unpleasant smells or tastes to ruin the party. The actual cooking process is much more gentle, preserving more of the original taste of the food. A more healthy way to grill your food.


Take it anywhere. All our barbecues come in their own carry bag to be transported easily and safely. Simple and easy to use, Feuerdesign is a completely new barbecue experience to be enjoyed wherever you want.

Ready Within Minutes

It only takes a few minutes and your barbecue is ready to go. The controlled air flow is directed to the inside of the barbecue so that it reaches the temperature you want in next to no time.

Temperature Control

You can adjust the air flow to get the temperature you want: the higher the speed of the unique Feuerdesign fan, the higher the temperature. Once your food is cooked, you simply turn off the fan. The charcoal continues to smoulder gently and is easily brought back to life for a second round.


Are more than 4 hours battery life not enough? The unique Feuerdesign fan can be easily recharged with the included USB cable. Simply plug in at the mains or use a charger and the party can go on.

Quick and Easy to Clean

Feuerdesign barbecues are just as easily cleaned as they are used. Once your barbecue party is over, simply pop the stainless steel bowl, grill and the lid of the charcoal basket into the dishwasher. They are compact enough to fit into any dishwasher. They’ll emerge squeaky clean after a normal wash cycle, ready for the next barbecue.

How It Works

The Feuerdesign fan blows air into the charcoal basket. That speeds up the heating process and the right temperature is reached more quickly. Air flows through the barbecue’s body, keeping the outsides cool, even after hours of use.


The modular screw system lets you replace individual parts in just a few simple steps. Construction (top to bottom):

◾Large grill without solid plate means that food does not stick or burn

◾Large charcaol basket with an extra strong, durable metal mesh

◾The stainless steel inner bowl emits heat across the entire grill and also collects any fat

◾Double walled metal casing keeps the outside cool

◾Snap catches at the side securely fasten the grill to the casing

◾Wide rubber feet for stable and secure positioning of the barbecue

◾Unique Feuerdesign fan with rechargeable battery (1000 mAh) keeps going for up to 4 hours

◾Easy control and adjustment of the cooking temperature with the three-speed Feuerdesign fan

Safety and Quality

Feuerdesign products stand out because of their performance, durability and functionality. We develop our products in Germany, combining quality and reliability with innovation and ease of use. Every single part of our barbecues must meet those criteria. Our production in Vietnam is subject to the strictest quality control. All our plants are ISO 9001 and SA8000 certified, and every Feuerdesign tabletop barbecue has been tested by Intertek-GS and been awarded the GS certificate.

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